Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart

Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart Details

Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart is home to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks football team. With a seating capacity of over 80,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in college football. This article provides an overview of the stadium seating chart and ticket information for fans.

Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart

Overview of Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart

Williams-Brice Stadium opened in 1934 and has undergone several expansions over the years. The most recent renovation in 2020 brought the seating capacity to 77,559. The stadium has four levels – the Field level, Loge level, Upper deck, and Suite level.

The Field level seats stretch from endzone to endzone along the sidelines. The Loge level features premium club seating and luxury suites. The Upper deck forms a horseshoe around the top of the stadium. There are also 22 cabooses called “Cockabooses” located outside the stadium that have been converted into luxury tailgating spaces.

Williams-Brice Stadium Seating Maps

The stadium seating chart organizes seats into numbered sections, with lower section numbers closer to the 50-yard line.

Sections are grouped into zones on the home and visitor sides:

Home Side Zones

  • Lower Sideline (Sections 1-18)
  • Cockaboose Club (Sections 11-13)
  • Upper Sideline (Sections 201-219)

Visitor Side Zones

  • Lower Sideline (Sections 31-48)
  • Upper Sideline (Sections 231-249)

There are also club and suite zones in the Loge level:

  • West Club (Sections 101-109)
  • East Club (Sections 401-412)
  • Suites (Sections 601-606, 801-812)
Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart

Why is it called Williams-Brice?

The stadium is named after two former South Carolina governors and university presidents – Thomas G. Clemson and Donald S. Russell. It was originally called Carolina Stadium but was renamed in 1972. The playing surface is named in honor of former coach and athletic director Frank McGuire.

Williams-Brice Stadium Tickets

Single-game tickets can be purchased through the South Carolina ticket office. Season tickets and mini plans are also available for purchase. In general, lower-level sidelines offer the best views of game action. Upper deck seats in the first few rows also provide great vantage points. Sections 11-13 feature all-inclusive amenities as part of the Cockaboose Club.

Williams-Brice Stadium Events Schedule

In addition to Gamecocks football games, Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart hosts other events like concerts and festivals. Upcoming events at the stadium include:

  • August 31, 2024 – Old Dominion at South Carolina football
  • September 14, 2024 – LSU at South Carolina football
  • September 21, 2024 – Akron at South Carolina football

The full schedule of 2024 football games and other events happening at Williams-Brice Stadium can be found on the university website.

Williams-Brice Stadium Bag Policy 2024

Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart has implemented a clear bag policy to enhance security. Fans are permitted to carry:

  • Clear plastic bags no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • Small clutch purses about the size of a hand
  • One-gallon clear freezer bags
  • Medically necessary items after inspection

Bags are searched at stadium entry gates. Unapproved bags cannot be brought into the stadium.

Ultimate All-Time Sports at Williams-Brice Stadium

In addition to Gamecocks football, Williams-Brice Stadium has hosted women’s soccer, men’s baseball, softball, track and field, lacrosse, and rugby over the years.

Some of the most memorable moments at the stadium include:

  • 2010 College World Series National Championship baseball game
  • 2017 National Championship women’s soccer game
  • World record crowd of 63,580 for a rugby match in 2022

The stadium provides an iconic setting for University of South Carolina athletics. From football Saturdays to championship soccer and baseball games, Williams-Brice Stadium has been the site of many remarkable performances.

How to Buy Cheap Tickets

Single-game tickets can be purchased for as low as $40-50 per seat. Upper-deck corner seats usually have the most affordable ticket prices. Mini-plan packages are another way to get discounted tickets for multiple games.

Where Can I Get Discounted Tickets?

Check third-party sites like Vivid Seats and Stubhub for cheap Williams-Brice Stadium tickets being resold by fans. Also, join the Gamecock Club membership to access special ticket offers and discounts.

what are the best seats for Williams-Brice stadium events

Here are some key points about the best seats at Williams-Brice Stadium:

The best seats for non-premium tickets are on lower-level sidelines in sections 1-9 and 17-25. These sections offer views of the team benches. Upper deck sections in the first few rows (301-306, 501-506) also provide good vantage points.

For premium seating, some top options include:

  • Cockaboose Club (Sections 11-13) – All-inclusive amenities and views of the field
  • Champions Club (200 level) – Covered cushioned seats, climate-controlled lounge
  • 600 Executive Club (West side) – Indoor club seating with amenities
  • Founders Zone (Sections 801-812) – Covered seats with “quarterback view”

The results note obstructions in upper deck rows 27-30 of sections 902-907. Non-club shaded seats can be found in rows 32+ of sections 10-14.

Visiting team fans generally sit in lower level sections 17-18 and upper levels 231-232. But adjacent sections often have visiting fans as well when those sell out.

So, the best overall seats are lower sidelines, Champions Club, Cockaboose Club, and upper deck first few rows. Hope this helps summarize the key points on Williams-Brice Stadium seating!

what is the price range for premium seating at williams-brice Stadium

Here is a summary of the price range for premium seating options at Williams-Brice Stadium:

Private Suites:

  • Range from $3,000 – $35,000 on average depending on the event type (NFL, MLB, concerts, etc.)
  • Typically accommodate 15-20 guests
  • Offer luxury amenities like catering, lounge seating, TVs, restrooms, etc.

Club Seats:

  • Around $1,100 per seat, plus a one-time donation fee of $1,500
  • Offer covered outdoor seats, club lounge access, inclusive food/drinks

Other Premium Seating:

  • Founders Zone – $415 per season ticket, $1,100 seat premium
  • Champions Club (200 level) – Around $40 per ticket
  • Executive Suites (200 level indoor) – $60 per ticket (16 ticket minimum)

So, premium seating ranges from $40 per ticket for certain club areas up to $35,000 for private suites depending on the location and amenities. There are also club seats available for around $1,100 per seat. Luxury suites tend to be the top-tier premium option.

Are there any discounts available for premium seating tickets at Williams-Brice stadium

There are a few options for discounts on premium seating tickets at Williams-Brice Stadium:

  1. The Gamecock Club offers discounted season tickets for qualifying faculty/staff (20% off) and young alumni from 2017-2021 graduates (tickets $240 each).
  2. There is a Football Pass for $150 that provides admission to all home games, excluding the LSU game. This pass allows access to upper deck premium sections like 501-503, 507-509, and 901-908.
  3. Students can request free tickets through their VIP account for home athletic events, including football games. If awarded a ticket, they must claim and show a mobile barcode to enter the stadium.
  4. The new Gamecock GO Pass is a $20/month subscription that allows fans to secure seats for home games, including football, at discounted rates (e.g. $15 per conference game).

Additional Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart Facts and Helpful Information

  • Parking lots open 4 hours before kickoff
  • Gates open 2 hours before kickoff
  • Re-entry is not permitted during games
  • Smoking and tobacco use prohibited in stadium
  • Clear bag policy enforced for all events

Williams-Brice Stadium provides an incredible atmosphere for Gamecock football. Familiarizing yourself with the stadium policies, seating chart, and ticket information will help make your game day experience smooth and enjoyable. With a spirited crowd filling over 80,000 seats, it’s an environment every college football fan should experience!

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