What Products Need Custom Triangle Boxes? 

The products that are packaged in custom triangle boxes are usually valuable. This is because such boxes give them a stylish look. The versatility, eye-catching design, and safety of such boxes ensure an effective showcase for a variety of products. A wide range of industries and companies use these boxes as a performing marketing tool. 

Let’s deep dive into a stream of products that are packed inside stylish custom boxes. 

Cosmetics Related Items Products

  • Lipsticks: A stylish and compact triangle cardboard box applied to lipsticks gives them an aesthetic look. Customers love such packaging. Moreover, the brand’s logo and other branding elements market the company more effectively. 
  • Lip balms: Lip balms now use triangular boxes that come in a variety of colors and designs according to the match of lip balms inside.
  • Small cosmetics: Small cosmetic items can be eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers. Custom printed triangle boxes with a vertical or horizontal window make such products catchy for the eyes of visitors in the showroom. 
  • Fragrance samples: Small vials or bottles of fragrance samples have tremendous designs in custom pie packaging. Such designs motivate the buyers to scratch their credit cards for the products.
  • Nail polish: Nail polishes packed inside the triangle boxes have beauty-rich sights. It has been estimated that such nail polishes have more sales as compared to nail polishes with square or regular rectangular packings. 
  • Nail care products: Some products like nail files, nail clippers, and cuticle trimmers have attention-grabbing looks when packed inside custom triangle boxes. 
  • Miniature perfumes: Miniature perfumes having a triangular box with a window are getting famous. They attract buyers more effectively as compared to other packaging box styles. Windows in such boxes are used to make the perfume visible. 
  • Soaps: A variety of colors and designs in triangle cardboard boxes are used for appealing packaging of the soaps inside.
  • Bath bombs: Bath bombs are now available in customized triangle boxes with the brand’s logo printed on the box. 
  • Small beauty products: Such products include cotton swabs, makeup wipes, and hair ties. Triangle boxes are being applied to such products in a variety of sizes.  

Food Related Items 

  • Chocolates: Custom boxes in triangular shapes are always a fun and festive way to package chocolate.  They have the potential to make our holidays or occasions special. You can earn and encourage feedback from your customers by using such boxes. 
  • Candies: Packaging candies require designs that catch the attention of children. This need is fulfilled by colorful designs and graphics applied in the custom boxes with a triangle shape. These boxes impart a touch of whimsy and elegance to the packaging.
  • Sandwiches: Custom boxes in triangle shape are a convenient and portable way for packing sandwiches. Mostly in the USA and almost all over the world the sandwiches have custom printed pie packaging These boxes keep the contents of sandwiches fresh and prevent them from getting soggy.
  • Small treats: Packaging small treats, such as cookies, cupcakes, and macarons in triangle shaped boxes are a source of joy. They are available in different sizes to accommodate different types of treats.
  • Wraps: Packaging wraps in a variety of sizes is done by applying triangular boxes to them. It ensures their safe and secure transit. 
  • Pastries: Packaging pastries, such as croissants, muffins, and danishes enhance the temptation in the buyers. Pictures of pastries on the box covers increase their thrust for the product.  
  • Pizza slices: Traditional packaging for pizza slices resembles that of sandwiches. Now in this age of competition pizza slices are packed inside beautiful triangular boxes. 
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Small portions of fresh vegetables can also have custom triangle boxes. These boxes are one of the best marketing options for the departmental stores and brands that deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to home.   Moreover, boxes with a ventilated top prevent the vegetables from getting soggy.

Electronic Gadgets and Accessories

  • USB drives: USB drives look attractive when packed within the triangle boxes with a window. Printed USB drive brand’s logo on the box makes the audience aware of the brand more effectively. 
  • Small accessories: Phone cases, power banks, and car chargers are small accessories that get a catchy look with a triangle box. Such boxes not only reflect the brand’s image but also provide the necessary protection for the contents of the product. 
  • Headphones: Custom triangle boxes hold the headphones and another compartment holds the charging cable. Such packaging is best for expensive and delicate headphones. 
  • Power cables: Now power cables can be organized and stored in boxes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Triangular boxes are counted among one of the famous boxes. Such boxes have several compartments to hold different types of cables.
  • Adapters: Customized triangle shaped boxes can also be used to organize and store adapters. The boxes can be made with compartments to hold different types of adapters.

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