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Unlocking Comfort: The Marvels of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms


Discover a world of comfort and versatility with Insulated Garden Rooms, specifically crafted with precision and expertise. In this exploration, we delve into the captivating realm of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms, unrivaled in thermal insulation and aesthetic appeal. Our journey begins with an overview of the materials and construction, followed by the myriad benefits and the unique touch of bespoke outdoor living spaces.

Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms: A Thermal Oasis

Material Excellence:

The external cladding of these garden rooms boasts 18mm Western Red Cedar, known for its low density and superior thermal insulation. Unlike conventional materials like brick, concrete, and steel, cedar stands out as an exemplary choice.

Structural Ingenuity:

The framework structure, measuring 95mm x 45mm, ensures robustness and durability. The walls are a testament to thoughtful construction, featuring a breathable membrane, 75mm Celotex insulation, and a vapor barrier. The roof is elegantly finished with UPVC fascia boards.

Interior Elegance:

Step inside to experience interior finesse. The internal finish comprises 9mm moisture-resistant MDF with a V groove every 200mm, creating a captivating panel effect. This pristine white finish is achieved through factory spraying, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Year-Round Comfort:

Doors and windows, crafted from UPVC with 4/20/4 TGH double glazing, ensure insulation without compromising on natural light. The floor, insulated with 75mm PIR boards and finished with 18mm OSB, completes the thermal envelope. All measurements are external, emphasizing a commitment to precision.

Bespoke Outdoor Living Spaces: Tailored for You

Expertise in Action:

Leveraging years of experience and knowledge, Prestige Garden Rooms offers bespoke creations tailored to any space and size. Whether for work or leisure, these insulated garden rooms provide a cocoon of comfort throughout the year.

Versatility Unleashed:

For those working from home or seeking an additional retreat, these garden rooms become a seamless extension of your living space. The insulation ensures a cozy ambiance, making them usable in all seasons.

Our Story: Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Installation Excellence:

Our friendly fitting team, backed by years of experience, ensures a precise and efficient installation process. Explore the quality of our workmanship firsthand at our show site, located at Pacific Nurseries WS9 0PH.

Passion for Craft:

At Prestige Garden Rooms, passion permeates our workforce, driving us to deliver products that elevate your garden aesthetics and provide enduring pleasure.

The Prestige Approach: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Complete Package Guarantee:

Recognizing that a garden room is a substantial investment, we offer a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all our buildings. Transparency is our ethos, reflected in our commitment to providing quotes that encompass the entire package.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Living Spaces with Prestige

In conclusion, Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms redefine the concept of home extensions. With a focus on thermal efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and personalized craftsmanship, these garden rooms from Prestige are a testament to comfort and quality. Invest in a space that transcends seasons and expectations—your gateway to unmatched luxury awaits.

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