Praxis Tech: Pioneering Payment Orchestration for Seamless Transactions

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transactions, Praxis Tech stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of payment orchestration. Founded in 2014, Praxis has witnessed exponential growth, emerging as a top-tier payments orchestration platform. This article delves into the core of Praxis’s mission, exploring how it simplifies global expansion, optimizes payment infrastructure, and provides merchants with unparalleled solutions.

Praxis Tech – The Pioneer in Payment Orchestration

Praxis Tech, a payment orchestration software company, has been at the forefront of transforming how businesses handle online payments since its inception in 2014. Its primary goal is to assist businesses in accepting payments seamlessly while enhancing the transaction approval ratio. At its core, payment orchestration involves integrating and managing various payment service providers (PSPs), acquirers, payment gateways, and banks on a single, unified software layer.

Empowering Global Expansion with Praxis Tech

Praxis Tech acts as a catalyst for businesses looking to simplify global expansion efforts and optimize their payments infrastructure. The platform’s exponential growth in recent years can be attributed to its commitment to providing a superior checkout experience for merchants seeking to expand their global reach.

Praxis Tech’s Impressive Integration Network

Praxis currently integrates with 540+ PSPs and 1000+ alternative payment solutions, supporting transactions in over 200 currencies. This extensive integration network positions Praxis as a comprehensive solution for merchants eager to grow their business, enter new global markets, and seamlessly integrate with multiple payment solutions.

Three Entryways to the Praxis Ecosystem

To cater to the diverse needs of its clients, Praxis offers three distinct products, each providing a unique mode of integration into the Praxis ecosystem:

  • Praxis Cashier: A versatile solution for accepting payments and conducting payouts.
  • Praxis Direct: An integration option that facilitates a direct connection to Praxis’s robust payment infrastructure.
  • Hosted Payment Fields (HPF): A mode of integration that ensures secure and customizable hosted payment fields for merchants.

Praxis Tech Products: Simplifying and Enhancing Payment Processes

A Superior Checkout Experience

Praxis Tech enables businesses to think globally and act locally by expanding their global reach through seamless payments in every market. The fully customizable and localized checkout solution offers merchants an entryway to increased sales and heightened revenues.

Smart Routing for Credit Card Transactions

Meeting customers where they are is key to reducing customer churn. Praxis Tech provides innovative payment flow tools, including smart routing, decline recovery, and one-click payments for returning customers. These tools enhance the checkout experience and contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Risk and Fraud Reduction

Praxis Tech recognizes the challenges businesses face with varying fraud management services from different providers. The platform offers a cohesive risk prevention and fraud reduction strategy, allowing merchants to customize detailed risk profiles executed across all payment transactions.

PCI and GDPR Compliance

Navigating the complex payments landscape requires compliance with industry standards. Praxis Tech takes the burden off businesses by ensuring PCI and GDPR compliance, allowing merchants to focus on driving business growth without the worry of regulatory complexities.

Your White Label Solution

For Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Praxis Tech offers a complete White Label solution. This solution encompasses cutting-edge technology, commercial relationships, compliance, legal support, and more, providing a strong payments infrastructure for businesses.

Fast Processor Integrations

Praxis Tech adopts a technology-first approach to payments, offering clients a customer-first approach. With fast processor integrations, businesses gain instant access to leading digital payment services, accelerating time to market without the need for additional integration work.

Conclusion: Redefining Transactions with Praxis Tech

In conclusion, Praxis Tech emerges as a pioneer in the payment orchestration landscape. Its commitment to simplifying global expansion, optimizing payments infrastructure, and providing innovative solutions positions it as a key player in the digital transactions arena.


  • Efficient Payment Processes: Praxis Tech streamlines payments, enhancing efficiency for merchants.
  • Global Expansion: The platform facilitates seamless entry into new markets, supporting transactions in various currencies.
  • Comprehensive Integration Options: Praxis offers three distinct entryways, catering to the unique needs of its diverse client base.
  • Innovative Payment Tools: Smart routing, decline recovery, and one-click payments contribute to a superior checkout experience.
  • Risk Prevention and Fraud Reduction: Praxis Tech provides a cohesive strategy for businesses to customize risk profiles and reduce fraud.
  • Compliance Assurance: PCI and GDPR compliance removes the burden of regulatory complexities for merchants.
  • White Label Solution: A complete package for PSPs, offering a strong payments infrastructure.
  • Fast Processor Integrations: Businesses gain instant access to leading digital payment services without additional integration work.

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