Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Seating Chart: A Detailed Guide

The Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart is one of the premier outdoor concert venues in Texas. Nestled amongst the pine forests of The Woodlands just north of Houston, this open-air amphitheater can accommodate over 16,000 guests for a diverse range of musical performances and events. Understanding the different seating options and layout of the Pavilion can help you have the best concert experience possible.

Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

History and Overview: Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

The Pavilion first opened in April 1990 after years of planning by George P. Mitchell, founder of The Woodlands community, and his wife Cynthia. Their vision was to create an intimate and affordable venue that would host both touring musicians and classical arts performances accessible to the local community.

The original Pavilion design had seating for 3,000 under the covered roof structure, no uncovered reserved seating, and room for 7,000 guests on the sloping grass lawn behind.

Over the years, the venue has undergone several expansions to increase capacity and amenities:

  • 1995 – 1,900 new uncovered reserved seats added, along with more concessions and restrooms
  • 2001 – Lawn capacity increased to 8,800 for a total capacity of 13,500
  • 2009 – Major $9.5 million renovation added 2,000 additional reserved seats under an expanded roof canopy and upgraded amenities

Today, the Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart can accommodate over 16,000 guests through a combination of reserved seating and lawn tickets. The covered section has 6,500 seats, with another 10,000 spots on the open lawn behind.

Reserved Seating: Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

The reserved seating section at the Pavilion offers theater-style seats under the canopy roof structure. This section is closest to the stage and is divided into three main parts:

  • The Pit: The front center section, closest to the stage. Has 6 rows designated Pit Row 1 through Pit Row 6.
  • 100 Level Sections: Surrounding the Pit are Sections 101 through 103, then continuing counter-clockwise to Section 111. These have rows lettered A through Z, then AA through HH.
  • 200 Level Sections: Elevated rear sections numbered 201 through 208. Rows are letters A through W.

The 100 and 200-level sections have some obstructed view seats where roof support pillars may partially block sight lines. Check each specific section’s details on the seating chart during ticket purchase.

Reserved seating provides the most comfortable concert experience and the best views. Tickets are assigned to specific row and seat locations. Arrive in time to find your seats before showtime.

Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

General Admission Lawn Seating

Behind the reserved seating lies a sprawling grass lawn that can accommodate up to 10,000 more guests with general admission tickets. Sometimes referred to as the “GA Lawn” section, guests can lay out blankets and sit or stand anywhere in this area.

The lawn provides more freedom to roam and generally costs less than reserved seating. However, sight lines can be obstructed by crowds and the stage looks farther away. Lawn chairs are not allowed, but low beach-style chairs under 12 inches tall are permitted.

Guests can bring food into the lawn section, but beverages including water must be factory-sealed and under 1 liter. Keep blankets and belongings secured as the lawn area is not monitored. Arrive early to claim the best patch of grass with a view!

The Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart Details

Now that you understand the different seating sections, let’s break down the specifics in the Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart:

Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart

  • The Pit has 6 rows, labeled Pit Row 1 as the front row up to Pit Row 6. This section is directly adjacent to the stage, providing the closest viewing and most immersive experience.
  • 100 Level Sections 101-103 are immediately behind the Pit and also very close to the stage. Their row letters start at A in the front, extending back to Z, then doubling up through AA, BB, all the way to HH in the rear. Sections 104-111 continue wrapping around behind 101-103 and have rows labeled A through W.
  • The 200 Level begins behind the 100 Levels, elevated to a higher tier. These sections have Rows A through W.
  • The Lawn is the large grassy area behind the reserved seating sections. Lawn spots are general admission so you can situate yourself anywhere you find space.

When choosing tickets, check seat views from prior concert-goers and look for obstructions. The Pavilion’s angled design provides good sight lines, but some pillars and roof overhangs can block certain seats.

Aim for central sections like 107-108 for the most head-on perspective. Sections 205-208 in the upper rear are farthest from the stage. Side sections like 101, 103, 106, and 109 point your view off-center but are still closer than the corners.

The Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Maps

For visual reference, you can explore the Cynthia Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart on Ticketmaster when purchasing tickets to see the specific layout for your chosen event.SeatGeek also offers an interactive seating chart with great views from different spots around the venue.

Additionally, here is a detailed printable seating map from the venue’s website showing each section and row:

Printable Pavilion Seating MapTake a close look at where roof pillars may block sight lines in certain side sections when choosing your seats.

Where is the best place to sit at Cynthia Woods Pavilion?

While there’s no truly “bad” seat at this scenic outdoor venue, some areas provide a better perspective than others:

  • For the most immersive, up-close experience, front center Pit seats and Sections 101-103 put you nearest the stage. You may need to crane your neck less from the front rows too.
  • The elevated rear 200 Level offers good elevation for open views, but distances you farther back.
  • If you don’t mind an angled side view, 100-level side sections like 106, 108, and 109 provide closer proximity over 200 Level corners.
  • The expansive Lawn allows blanket seating and freedom to roam, though sightlines vary. Arrive early to claim a nice spot!

Ideally, sit directly facing the stage within the first 10-15 rows of the 100 Level, or closer Pit seats if your budget allows. This centered perspective from around halfway back sees over any front crowds while keeping you nearer to the action.

What time do gates open at Cynthia Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart?

Gates and parking lots at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart typically open 90 minutes to 2 hours before the scheduled showtime.

Earlier access is sometimes offered for fan club presales and VIP ticket holders. Standard entry begins 1-2 hours before the printed start time on your ticket.

This gives you time to find your seats, visit concessions and merchandise stands, and settle in before the show. Lines can grow long closer to showtime, so arrive early to avoid the last-minute rush!

The Cynthia Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart Ticket Policy

When purchasing tickets for events at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart, be aware of the venue’s ticket policies:

  • All sales final – no refunds or exchanges except event cancellation
  • Children under 2 years get free entry but must sit on an adult’s lap
  • Children 3-12 receive discounted pricing
  • Lawn seating permits blankets and low chairs under 12″ tall
  • Factory-sealed water is allowed, empty bottles can be refilled inside
  • No professional cameras, audio/video recording permitted
  • Smoking only allowed in designated outdoor areas

Carefully check your tickets for the correct event date, time, and seating locations. Guests must enter through the gate printed on each ticket and have an ID matching the purchaser’s name ready if requested.

Printed tickets or mobile tickets displayed on phone/tablet screens are acceptable. Follow all venue policies to ensure entry and enjoy the show!

The Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart continues to uphold the original vision of its namesake founders – providing a world-class outdoor concert venue nestled in nature and accessible to the local community. Understanding the amphitheater’s unique seating layout is the first step to an amazing musical experience.

Choose your tickets carefully, arrive early to settle in, and let both the natural beauty and a great performance wash over you!

The Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart is an outdoor amphitheater venue located in The Woodlands, Texas with a capacity for over 16,000 guests. The seating options include:

  • Reserved Seating: This refers to the covered theater-style seats closest to the stage divided into sections and rows. The pit section has just 6 rows while other reserved sections go up to row W.
  • Lawn Seating: This is general admission seating on the grassy lawn behind the reserved seats. Guests can sit or stand anywhere with blankets. Lawn chairs are not allowed.

Additional venue details:

  • Gates typically open 90 minutes to 2 hours before showtime. Parking is free.
  • Food and empty water bottles are allowed, but beverages must be factory-sealed. The venue is outdoors so shows happen rain or shine.
  • The pavilion hosts concerts but also special events like symphony performances and graduation ceremonies.


The Cynthia Cynthia Woods Pavilion Seating Chart offers a versatile large-capacity outdoor venue to enjoy concerts and special events. With both reserved seating and open lawn admission, there are options to fit different preferences and budgets. The covered reserved section provides guaranteed seats and better views, while the lawn allows more freedom to roam and cheaper access. Gates open early so guests can settle in and enjoy the show rain or shine.

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