Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

Adventure and Nepal seem to be like synonyms. Mother nature blesses Nepal in every way possible. The country is heaven for mountain lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Nepal is obviously world-famous for its trekking sites and mountain views. Trekking is surely the first thing anyone would recommend you to do in Nepal.

However, the country has so much more to offer in terms of adventure and thrilling activities. The landscape and hilly sides of the country make it a perfect station for rough and fun adventure games.

The fast-flowing rivers and beautiful lakes are everything one needs for water sports and fascinating stunts. Adventure sports with beautiful views around you are everything one can ask for.

Such sports bring excitement and fun to boring day-to-day activities. In fact, adventure is something every person craves for.

These sports are lively and thrilling at the same time. Hence, Nepal is one destination for all kinds of adventures beyond trek and Luxury tour packages.

Every year thousands of people visit Nepal for trekking, tours as well as these exciting activities. Also, the best part about it is that it is super affordable.

Compared to other parts of the world, adventure sports in Nepal are much cheaper and worth the price. Here, are some adventure sports one must give a shot during a visit to Nepal.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is a thrilling adventure sport that requires guts. Bungee jumping is like a free fall you get sometimes while sleeping.

It involves jumping from a high cliff with your ankles tied to an elastic band. Bungee jumping is highly recommended in Nepal as it is considered safe, fun, and affordable here.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

Bungee jumping main sites in Pokhara are Hemja, Pardi Bazaar, Baglung Rajmarg, etc. The eco trek, the last resort, and Nepal Eco Adventure are popular in Kathmandu.

The Bhote Koshi jumping spoton Arniko Highway is considered the most famous one of all. The great height of the suspension bridge is the reason behind its popularity which is 160 meters.

The below-flowing Koshi River adds more thrill and adventure to the jump. The place is located about a 3-hour drive from the capital city.

This jumping spot is also famous for many other adventure sports activities.


Rafting is a fast-paced thrilling adventure activity that takes place in fast-flowing water. The amount of fun this activity brings along with it is insane.

The activity is usually done in groups so it is the best way to have fun with friends or even strangers.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

Nepal is a top-rated country when it comes to water resources. The large number of rivers in Nepal makes it perfect for rafting and other water sports.

The rafting experience can be as short as forty minutes or as long as two to ten days. Rafting can be done almost all year long but is the beSt after the monsoon season that ends in the month of late July in Nepal.

In the month of September and early October, the water levels in the rivers are high. This increases the fun to another level.

Some rafting locations in Nepal include Upper Seti, Karnali River, Sun Koshi River, Marshyandi River, Tamur River, Trishuli River,Bhote Koshi River, and many more.

Trisuli River, Sun Koshi, and Bhote Koshi rafting can be a great option for anyone looking for rafting near Kathmandu.

Some rafting trips starting from Pokhara include the Seti River and Sun Koshi River.

Usually, all the multi-day trips include lunch and dinner along the river banks. One can also opt for half-day trips but long ones are usually more fun.


Paragliding is an aerial activity that is peaceful and scary at the same time. It requires you to runout of slopes or hills and fly toward the sky with the help of a parachute.

This activity can be done in pairs or alone. Nepal being a hilly country, has many paragliding locations. Many are available near Kathmandu itself; they are a few kilometers away from the Capital.

They include Godavari (about 10 km away), KotDanda (about 12 km away), Chapakharka (about km away), Pulchowki (about 20km towards the southeast of Kathmandu), and the list goes on.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

The view that one can expect from here involves vegetation, residential areas, green hills, mountain peaks in the background, and blue sky. Also, find lots of fresh air in abundance to breathe.

Other places for paragliding include Pokhara, Bandipur, and many more. Paragliding can be done all year long except during the monsoon. Pokhara is the most popular destination for Paragliding in Nepal. Not only paragliding there are so many activities and things to do in Pokhara.

Therefore you can come for paragliding in Nepal from September to early June.

Zip Flying

Zip Flying involves sliding down the air and being tied to a zip linefrom one end to the other. This short activity lasts for a few minutes.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

These few minutes fasten your heartbeat and pass a thrill down your spine. The extraordinary view of the mountains and hills around will leave you stunned for sure.

The zip line locations include  Sarangkot, Pokhara, Dhulikhel, Makawanpur, Chandragiri, Bhaktapur, etc. The Sarangkot zip line is one of the very famous ones.

It is about 1860 meters long and1625 meters high. It descends to about 960 meters at the other end.

It is the very first zip line facility provided in Nepal. It is recommended by many tourists around the world.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity for which Nepal can be your ideal destination. The number of locations youcan find is insane. 

Rock climbing spots include Bimal Nagar, Nagarkot, Nagarjun Forest, Pharping, Pokhara, etc.

Adventure Activities in Nepal: Beyond Trekking

The Astrek climbing wall in Thamel is an artificially designed rock climbing center that is perfect for beginnerswanting to practice or enjoy.

It is kid-friendly and safe. The rock climbing activity in Nepal can range from hours to days. The limestone rocks in Nepali are famous for climbing.

The climbing sites provide all the necessary gear which can be rented or bought.

Guides and trainers readily help you climb and are very patient. They make sure your trek is safe and fun.

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