A Comprehensive Guide to the Face Matching Online 

Face matching online has shown remarkable benefits in almost every industry. The use of these solutions is increasing daily as companies are employing these tools to enhance their surveillance. These solutions aid in compliance with the regulations of the legal authorities. In 2023, June Indonesia faced 6.51 thousand cases of phishing attacks.

Facial Matching: A Complete Overview

Facial matching of the clients is done while onboarding, the companies have to ensure they are interacting with the legitimate users. The businesses can preserve their credibility as they will allow only authentic customers to be associated with the company. The companies can reduce their miscellaneous expenses through it. The biometric solution matches the face of the clients with the already stored image and verifies its identity. If both are similar then the user is given access to the system, otherwise the authentication is denied.

How Does AI Face Matching Work?

The face match verification is done by the following means:

  • Liveness Detection

The liveness check is done to control the phishing and 3D attacks, the hackers can’t bypass this solution. The scammers are driving new tricks to decode the algorithms of the system and get access to the client account. The hackers steal the information of the client from the internet and then use such records to go through the biometric solution. To control such acts the organization uses the facial recognition match. This is an advanced feature of biometric solutions, companies can lessen their risks and safeguard them against data breaches.

  • Eye Blinking

The system asks the client to blink their eye, and the user has to respond to these instructions. This is done to check the liveness of the client, because if the hacker is trying to present any image of the user to dodge the scanner, then such activity will be rejected.

  • Deep Facing

Deep facing is used to differentiate between the face on the image and the actual. It controls the data breach issues, the organization ensure through this that only legitimate client is given access to the system.

  • Texture Detection

The scanner analyzes the skin texture of the user, they check the spots and blemishes of the face. The image does not contain such depth, therefore the system can easily detect if there is any irregular activity. The dummy also does not contain such depths, therefore the hackers cannot use any fake pictures to dodge the system.

  • 3D Mapping

The system analyzes that the hacker is not using any 3D masks to get access, therefore the scanner properly checks the liveness of the client.

Why did Law Enforcement make it necessary to comply with the KYC?

  • When banks or other companies face cybercrime, the economy of such a country is also affected. Therefore the government has made it essential for companies to follow the rules of the Know Your Customer (KYC). Businesses can reduce their miscellaneous expenses through it, as it is a time investment and it has shown remarkable results. Organizations can save their data if they are compliant with these rules.
  • The businesses that do not follow these regulations have to bear the reputational damage cost. Building a brand image is a very complicated and time-consuming process, the company that faces the penalties, its reputation is also deteriorated.

How the Face Recognition Match is Better than the Conventional Verification?

The traditional ways of verification were very time-consuming because the user had to collect the data, gather it and verify the identity of the client. The organizations require a large number of employees for verification, they also have to pay them heavy salaries. The expenses of the companies are increased due to this. Other than this the traditional ways were not reliable, they sometimes commit mistakes and verify the wrong person. The face recognition match uses digital means, these tools are very accurate. The businesses employ these solutions because they are performed by machine learning. The latest methods of validation are very swift, they are performed in seconds.


Face matching online is necessary for the success of businesses, the companies can gain a competitive advantage through these solutions. The organization facilitate their users, through these tools and preserves their sensitive data. Businesses understand the needs of their customers by sensing their feelings. The company that provides user-friendly services to their clients, retain them for the long term. Other than this they can also attract more customers, by satisfying the existing users. The contented individuals stay loyal to the company and do not move to another organization. They aid the company in gaining more users and promote positive word of mouth.

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