5 Strategies For Maximizing Returns On Estate Jewelry 

Liquidating estate jewelry is a fun but anxiety-filled way to dispose of unwanted valuables. One moment, you are happily discussing the sale with a broker or diamond dealer. The next moment, you storm out of their shop disappointed, wondering why they were so mean in pricing your jewelry.  

Every antique and contemporary estate jewelry has a value attached to it. Physical assessment only evaluates the magnificence but not the intrinsic value. To maximize returns from your estate jewelry sale, get a professional valuation to know its demand and market value. Sell your jewelry to the highest bidder but not the one with the enticing promises. These are the five strategies to optimize your returns on estate jewelry sales. 

1. Know the Value of Your Jewelry 

5 Strategies For Maximizing Returns On Estate Jewelry 

Your estate jewelry has lost a percentage of its worthiness. You can tell from its condition and physical appearance. But you cannot look at it and judge your jewelry’s value. Many other built-in qualities determine the worthiness of a piece of jewelry, from the value of the stones, metal, and gem to the cut, carat, color, and clarity. Precious metals such as platinum, silver, and gold rarely lose their value with age. 

Estate jewelry buyers assess your valuables to give a price quote. They will pay you according to the market value and condition of the ring. You can score up to 60% of the original price when you find the right buyer. However, before embarking on the jewelry sale journey, have it assessed by a professional appraiser. You can use the appraisal information to price your estate jewelry and maximize returns. 

2. Target the High-season  

Jewelry, like other luxury items, sells fast, depending on the season. You have higher bargaining power during the high season. Unless you are in quick need of cash, sell your jewelry during major holidays. People are more sentimental during Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s. They are likely to spend more on valuables, especially jewelry.  

Another great season to liquidate estate jewelry is when the price of precious metals rises. Currency inflation leads to a spike in demand for precious metals. Precious metals store value and propel widely invested in them to build wealth. Selling your jewelry during this season can catch you a high dollar. Most marriages happen between May and October, with October being the most prevalent month. You can strike a good deal on your estate jewelry during this month.  

3. Make Your Jewelry a Worth Catch  

5 Strategies For Maximizing Returns On Estate Jewelry 

Jewelry collectors and investors get enticed by what they see. They will offer lower prices for jewelry in poor and unattractive conditions. To get top dollar on your high-value pre-owned jewelry, prepare it for sale. Cleaning the jewelry gives it that sparkling appeal that entices buyers. Unless you know the best chemicals and tools for cleaning jewelry, avoid DIY cleaning. You might damage the gemstones and metals, affecting their quality and value. 

Take your jewelry to renowned jewelers who clean valuables. They will clean and repair any damage to the ornaments. Repairs can be costly, especially if the damage has eaten deep into the jewelry. Consider the value of the jewelry and the price of repairs. This way, you only spend less than you will get from the jewelry sale.  

4. Avoid Rush Sales  

When you sell your estate jewelry to the first bidder, you may not get an amount equal to the jewelry’s current value. Rushing the sale allows the buyer to take advantage of your desperation. Take your time to create impressive ads with attention-grabbing titles and a short, concise description. Ensure the photos are clear and detailed, and market your product on multiple platforms. 

Visit local diamond buyers and pawnbroker stores to get quotes. Check with your friends and relatives to know if they need estate jewelry. After getting a snippet of how much buyers offer for the jewelry, engage the highest bidders for a deal. Negotiate for a super deal with the highest bidder. 

5. Choose the Best Venue  

5 Strategies For Maximizing Returns On Estate Jewelry 

Estate jewelry never goes out of demand, hence the many venues for selling these valuables. The amount you take home depends on what buyers offer. Even well-conditioned and high-value jewelry may only generate low returns if you sell to the wrong person. 

Sell to people who understand the value of the jewelry and are ready to pay to get it. The first person to consult when selling some jewelry pieces is a specialist jewelry buyer. A jewelry specialist will offer you top dollar for high-value and unique pieces.  

The second place to get good deals on your estate jewelry is a reputable auction house. These people have first-hand experience in appraising and selling jewelry. They can readily identify and offer the best price realizable. A private collector will also suggest you a good deal on your high-value jewelry pieces. 

Wrapping Up 

Jewelry pieces that attract top-dollar rarely need extreme marketing as their sparkling nature entices buyers. Antique jewelry draws collectors and jewelry specialists more because it holds prestigious and timeless value. All other jewelry pieces have their strong points that buyers would find worth. Whatever jewelry type you have, you need to get the best resale value.  

These strategies have passed the test of time as they can make selling jewelry pieces easier. They enable you to connect with the right buyers and liquidate your valuables effortlessly. 

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